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The Benefits of Luxury Appliances: No Costly Follow-Ups (Part 3)

The lowest price doesn’t always bring the best value; to your company or to the homeowner. With the longevity, performance, and recognition of Sub-Zero/Wolf appliances, your kitchen investment will pay dividends as it continues to perform and impress for years to come. Your colleagues may be on their 2nd replacement before your Sub-Zero/Wolf even starts […]

Sub-Zero/Wolf For Your Home: Serving as a Home’s Centerpiece (Part 3)

The kitchen is the centerpiece of every modern home, with entertainment, family dinners, and conversation all revolving around it. When you invest in quality appliances, the rest of the home follows, using the kitchen as a focal point. You will see evidence of this when searching for a home: if the home has Sub-Zero/Wolf, it […]

The Benefits of Luxury Appliances: Higher Profits – Faster Sales (Part 2)

The kitchen is the centerpiece of your new project and acts as the first and most important impression left with potential buyers. As we know, there is a distinct difference between a perception of quality and proof of quality, and when designing a luxury home, there are no corners to cut. In this segment of […]

Sub-Zero/Wolf For Your Home: Enjoying Pride of Ownership (Part 2)

Just like owning a Mercedes or an Audi, you can expect quality and longevity from your luxury home appliances. Not only will your kitchen perform far above the standards of everyday cooking, but you will feel the pride of ownership in every facet of your home when owning a Sub-Zero/Wolf product. Modern home life is […]

The Benefits of Luxury Appliances: Special Programs for High-End Developers (Part 1)

Rick Koehler, AIA has made his mark in the architecture industry after 37 years as a major partner at ArchitectsPlus, designing beautiful residential condominiums and homes. He has since set his eye on a different industry: kitchen appliances. Filling a need that had been previously unknown, he is now using his background to call on […]

Sub-Zero/Wolf For Your Home: Delivering A Lifetime of Value (Part 1)

Rick Koehler, AIA has made his mark in the architecture industry after 37 years as a major partner at ArchitectsPlus designing beautiful residential condominiums and homes. He has since leveraged his personal and professional experience dealing with luxury appliances to provide you, the consumer, with valuable knowledge on the lifetime value that Subzero and Wolf […]

Welcome to the New Custom Distributors Online Experience

Since you have made it this far, you have probably realized a few changes with our website! These changes are the fruits of an extensive review, covering user experience and ease of navigation, along with our ability to translate our values into tangible benefits for our clients. Everything laid out on this site is in […]

May is Maytag Month at Custom Distributors

Receive up to a $750 Rebate When You Purchase Qualifying Appliances! Browse appliances that qualify for the May is Maytag Month promotion. Download the rebate form online and determine total appliance rebate. Purchase by 6/4/16 and mail-in your Maytag rebate form or submit online.

Creating some of the best food ever made with Dacor Double oven at Custom Distributors

Dacor Luxury Kitchen Appliances: Leader In Stylish And Innovative Ranges, Rangetops, Cooktops, Wall Ovens, Ventilation, Microwaves, Warming Drawers, Refrigeration, Wine and Beverage, Outdoor Kitchen Appliances, Grills, and Dishwashers. Dacor is an American Made, family owned brand who has been making luxury kitchen appliances for 3 generations.