Sub-Zero/Wolf For Your Home: Serving as a Home’s Centerpiece (Part 3)

The kitchen is the centerpiece of every modern home, with entertainment, family dinners, and conversation all revolving around it. When you invest in quality appliances, the rest of the home follows, using the kitchen as a focal point. You will see evidence of this when searching for a home: if the home has Sub-Zero/Wolf, it will be included in the listing, if not, you won’t see any sign of appliance branding, and this speaks to a level of confidence in quality that comes with the brand. Custom Distributors and Tisdel Distributing invite you to one of our showrooms to see the product for yourself, because with Sub-Zero/Wolf appliances, enjoying pride of ownership does not stop in the kitchen, the investment in quality resonates throughout the entire home.


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This is the final installment of our 3 part series with Rick Koehler, AIA (Tisdel Distributing) and Ken Rieman (Custom Distributors). We are covering the benefits of luxury appliances and how the presence of Sub-Zero/Wolf products creates a quality that resonates throughout the entire home! Check us out on social media or return to our “Blog” page to watch the full series and learn why Sub-Zero/Wolf is the right fit for you!