Sub-Zero/Wolf For Your Home: Enjoying Pride of Ownership (Part 2)

Just like owning a Mercedes or an Audi, you can expect quality and longevity from your luxury home appliances. Not only will your kitchen perform far above the standards of everyday cooking, but you will feel the pride of ownership in every facet of your home when owning a Sub-Zero/Wolf product. Modern home life is centered on the kitchen and the rest of the house is a continuance of the luxury quality set forth by your appliances, so learn about the perfect first impression from Rick Koehler, AIA and how your kitchen can set the stage for the rest of your beautiful home.



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This is part 2 of a 3 part interview series between industry veterans Rick Koehler, AIA (Tisdel Distributing) and Ken Rieman (Custom Distributors). We are covering the benefits of luxury appliances and how the presence of Sub-Zero/Wolf products creates a quality that resonates throughout the entire home! Check back for the final segment of this series in two weeks when we dive deeper into the centerpiece of a beautiful home; the luxury kitchen!