The Benefits of Luxury Appliances: No Costly Follow-Ups (Part 3)

The lowest price doesn’t always bring the best value; to your company or to the homeowner. With the longevity, performance, and recognition of Sub-Zero/Wolf appliances, your kitchen investment will pay dividends as it continues to perform and impress for years to come. Your colleagues may be on their 2nd replacement before your Sub-Zero/Wolf even starts showing signs of degradation, making your initial, one-time investment not seem so large. Our factory certified installers turn your 2 year warranty into a 3 year full parts and labor, cutting down on those pesky follow-ups, and it doesn’t stop there! When you invest in this brand, you become a family member for life, enjoying top-of-the-line service and support from both Custom Distributors as well as our supplier, Tisdel Distributing.


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This is the final piece of a 3 part interview series between industry veterans Rick Koehler, AIA (Tisdel Distributing) and Ken Rieman (Custom Distributors). We are covering the benefits of luxury appliances and how the presence of Sub-Zero/Wolf products in your projects creates a quality that resonates throughout the entire home! Check us out on social media or hop over to our website for the full series where we educate you on the reliability, longevity, and service aspects that are provided to you by not only the manufacturer, but also the distributors who stand behind these products!