The Benefits of Luxury Appliances: Higher Profits – Faster Sales (Part 2)

The kitchen is the centerpiece of your new project and acts as the first and most important impression left with potential buyers. As we know, there is a distinct difference between a perception of quality and proof of quality, and when designing a luxury home, there are no corners to cut. In this segment of the interview series, Rick & Ken give you the tools to sell faster and for more profit as they cover the importance of kitchen appliances and how the message sent by quality branding and features resonates throughout the entire home. Faster sales, higher profits, and an even happier homeowner starts with the inclusion of Sub-Zero/Wolf products.



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This is part 2 of a 3 part interview series between industry veterans Rick Koehler, AIA (Tisdel Distributing) and Ken Rieman (Custom Distributors). We are covering the benefits of luxury appliances and how the presence of Sub-Zero/Wolf products in your projects creates a quality that resonates throughout the entire home! Check back for the final segment of this series in two weeks when we dive deeper into the reliability, longevity, and service aspects that are provided to you by not only the manufacturer, but also the distributors who stand behind these products!