Custom Distributors’ “YOU DO YOU” Policy

Custom Distributors is excited to announce our new health guidelines, effective immediately.  Under our new “You Do You” policy, clients are no longer required to wear a mask while in the showroom; although your sales person may choose to wear one.  Alternatively, you are more than welcome to continue wearing a protective face covering and we will do our best to reciprocate the use of a mask during your visit if you’d like, but please understand there could be delays in assigning a representative to your appointment.

This policy will be similarly applied for in-home appliance deliveries and installations; our logistics department will no longer be required to wear a mask but will ask you upon arrival if you would prefer that they do.  We will continue to supply our logistics team with the proper tools to accommodate these requests.

We look forward to welcoming you into our showrooms under this new policy.  Please call us at 800-704-6313 or use this online tool to request a showroom appointment for any of our 4 locations.

Knowledgable Staff

With decades of experience, weekly product training, and a genuine passion for serving the customer’s needs, we have qualified our staff at Custom Distributors to assist you with any of your appliance needs. From conception to execution, we are ready to help shape your ideal dream kitchen around the needs and wants of your lifestyle. Your expectations will be exceeded through the standards of fairness and respect that we have prided ourselves on for over 30 years.

Touch, See, & Feel Our Showroom

Our showrooms were created to immerse you in a vision of your future kitchen. With this in mind, we have set up a large variety of live appliances so you can test before you purchase. Anything from gas, electric, or induction cooking, and ice machines to food preservation, you can experience hands on demonstrations within almost any appliance category. We have worked along side designers to construct the perfect atmosphere in order to feed your inspiration and help you see how your appliance might look once it’s in your home.

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