For Professionals

We work directly with builders, kitchen/interior designers, property management companies, contractors, and other industry pros to provide any type of appliance for almost any professional application.

See the benefits of spec’ing luxury appliances in your plans!

Special Programs for High-End Developers

Higher Profits – Faster Sales

No Costly Follow-ups

Major Appliance Programs and Packages

We carry a variety of brands who offer reward options to registered builders, designers, & architects. From discounted costs to perk programs, you can find loyalty benefits to fit the demands faced by your organization.

We Conduct Negotiations With The Manufacturer On Your Behalf

Boasting a network of manufacturer representatives, we will work with you to solve unfortunate setbacks including backorders, damaged pieces & parts, or anything else holding your organization back from the standards placed by yourselves and your customer base.

We Maintain A Network Of Specifiers

Along with providing the consumer with their appliance needs, we will work in tandem with the specifier in order to provide a custom fit lifestyle kitchen that appeals to the unique designs required in the majority of modern homes.

We Coordinate With Home Builders and Remodelers

In order to find the perfect fit for the customer’s household, we will maintain communications between your building or remodeling company and the end user to create an individualized approach to every customer, regardless of budget, space, or time restraints.