The Benefits of Luxury Appliances: Special Programs for High-End Developers (Part 1)

Rick Koehler, AIA has made his mark in the architecture industry after 37 years as a major partner at ArchitectsPlus, designing beautiful residential condominiums and homes. He has since set his eye on a different industry: kitchen appliances. Filling a need that had been previously unknown, he is now using his background to call on builders and developers to show the benefits of upgrading to luxury appliances. This new video series that is the product of a great partnership between Custom Distributors, Inc. and Tisdel Distributing is designed to translate luxury appliance packages into greater profit for your organization. This is the first installment of a three part series meant to inspire, support, and grow the opportunities that will lead to greater customer satisfaction as well as greater profit, without sacrificing either.


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Check back as part 2 & 3 of this series are released over the next month that will cover: how we can deliver you higher profits & faster sales and how costly follow-ups can be avoided through the post-sale support of both the manufacturer and the distributors. Our aim is for you to be as successful as you can be and we are here to support that dream, this is the Custom Way!